]> Brazil (coll. 1804 in Para for J. C. Hoffmannsegg): AWH, B(-W) (ca. 400 specimens), BR, CGE, HAL, M?, MO ["Count Johann Centurius von Hoffmannsegg ... sent a special collector to the Lower Amazonas in 1801. After an absence of almost 11 years, this man, Friedrich Wilhelm Sieber, returned to Berlin in June, 1812, bringing with him not only what he had collected in the State of Para during the last years, but also a good many bird skins from New South Wales and the United States. He had exchanged Brazilian skins for these on his way home, when circumstances had compelled him in 1811 to stay for some time in London" (vide E. Stresemann, Auk 70(2): 113. 1953)). "Index Herb.-Coll. S: 890. 1986" listed Friedrich Wilhelm Sieber's 1804 Brazilian collections under Franz Wilhelm Sieber (1789-1844). Botany Sieber, Friedrich Wilhelm Sieber, Friedrich Wilhelm Friedr. W. Sieber Friedrich Wilhelm Sieber