]> [author note: Herbarium and types: A and GH (major set), B (1,000), NY (5,706), US (10,708); additional material at BUT, CGE, DAU, DBN, DELS, E, F, GB, K, KSC, L, LE, MANCH, MIN, MO, NMC, ND, OKLA, PENN, PH, POM, TEX] [collector note: Central United States (MO., Ark., Tex., Ala, Okla; col. 1895-1936): A, B, BUT, CGE, DAO, DELS, E, F, GB, GH, K, KSC, L, LE, MIN, MANCH, MO, NMC, ND, NY, OKLA, PENN, PH, POM, S, TEX, US, WVU] Botany Bush, Benjamin Franklin Bush, Benjamin Franklin B. F. Bush Bush Benjamin Franklin Bush Bush, Benjamin Franklinia 1858 1937