]> For Biogr. & Photogr. see: Castanea 71(2): 89-93. Jun 2006 (R. L. Thompson); Sida 22(1): 1-63. Aug 2006 (R. L. Thompson pp. 3-19; R. F. C. Naczi pp. 21-23; R. R. Haynes pp. 25-31; R. L. Stuckey pp. 33-49; W. F. Mahler pp. 51-54; B. Lipscomb pp. 1, 55-63). [author note: Herbarium and types: KNK: Flora of central U.S., Poaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Cyperus, Cyperaceae] [collector note: Louisiana (LAF), Kentucky (KNK)] Botany Thieret, John William Thieret, John William J. W. Thieret Thieret John William Thieret 1926 2005