]> Example of Name Published: Cynoxylon nuttallii Shafer in Britton & Shafer -- N. Amer. Trees 746, fig. 684. 1908; Athyrium trichomanes Shafer, Ann. Carnegie Mus. 1: 124. 1901. [author note: Herbarium and types: NY (25,000), CM (early collections, ca. 2,500); additional material at A, AMES, B (mostly destroyed), BM, C, DPU, F, GH, HABE, HAC, L, MICH, MO, NY, P, PH, U, US] [collector note: col. also in Montserrat; Original collections: CM, NY] Botany Shafer, John Adolph Shafer, John Adolph J. A. Shafer Shafer John Adolph Shafer Schafer, John Adolf Shafer, John Adolf 1863 1918