]> According to the Gregorian calendar, Turczaninow died in 1864. [author note: Herbarium and types: KW (previously CW); large set at LE; duplicates A, AWH, B (mostly destroyed), BR, C, CN, CORD, CW, E, FI, G, G-DC, GOET, H, K, KAZ, KIEL, LY, M, MANCH, MO, MW, O, OXF, P, PH, PRC, TU, U, US, W] [collector note: Herbarium: KW; N. China (e.g. Mongolia): C, G-DC, GOET, OXF; USSR (mainly Zaibaikal govt., Irbutssk govt., & Dauria, col. 1828-35.] Example of Name Published: Hansenia Turcz. in Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 17: 754. 1844[post 4 Jul 1844] Botany Turczaninow, Nicolai Stepanowitsch Turczaninow, Nicolai Stepanowitsch N. S. Turczaninow Turcz. Turczaninow Turchaninov, Nikolai Stepanovich Nikolaus von Nicolai Stepanowitsch Turczaninow 1796 1863