]> [author note: Herbarium and types: GH, MAINE, NYS, US (Mexico); Palynology, Potamogeton] [collector note: Maine: DAO, DPU (with his wife Edith May O. [nee Bolan (1911-x) et all.), GH, MAINE (col. 1932-52). Masschusetts: DAO (col. et al.), GH. Michigan: DAO (col. 1937 with Edith M. Bolan). New York (col. 1952-x): NYS (vasc. plants, mainly Potamogeton: & Lich.). Ontario: GH. N. Mexico (col. 1951): US.] Example of Names published: Potamogeton alpinus var. subellipticus (Fernald) Ogden, Rhodora 45: 94 (1943) Botany Ogden, Eugene Cecil Ogden, Eugene Cecil E. C. Ogden Ogden Eugene Cecil Ogden 1905 2001