]> [author note: Herbarium and types: CN; diatoms at MPU, PC (8,000), AWH and L; additional material at B, BP, C, FH, G, H, HBG, K, KIEL, LD, LG, M, MANCH, MPU, NTM, OS, PH, TL, TO, W, WRSL] [collector note: Diatoms: MPU, PC (8000), W. (col. 1826-1839): AWH, B, BP, BRSL, C, CN, HBG, K, KIEL, LG, MANCH, PC, TL, W, AWH] Botany Brebisson, Louis Alphonse de Brebisson, Louis Alphonse de L. A. de Brébisson Bréb. Brébisson Louis Alphonse de Brébisson 1798 1872