]> [author note: Herbarium and types: G; additional sets at BM, BP, GH, G-DC, FI, K, KIEL, W] [collector note: Texas, northeast Mexico. Collections at A, B, BM, BP, BUF, CN, COLU, DS, F, FI, G, G-DC, GH, K, KIEL, LD, LE, LY, LZ, MO, NY, OXF, P, P-DU, P-JU, PH, S, US, W. Drowned while crossing a tributary of the Rio Grande on horseback at Matamoros, Mexico] Botany Berlandier, Jean Louis Berlandier, Jean Louis J. L. Berlandier Berland. Berlandier Jean Louis Berlandier Jean-Louis Berlandier 1805 1851