]> Name Published: Hieracium podkumokense Üksip, Not. Syst. Herb. Inst. Bot. Acad. Sci. URSS, 19: 467 (1959). Name variation: Hiis name originally in Latin script is Albert Aleksander Uksip (umlaut on U) or Ueksip. Other versions are transliterations from Russian when he has published in Russian publications (vide IPNI). [author note: See Taxon 44(4): 648-649. 1995, on the correct spelling of Üksip's surname] Botany Üksip, Albert Aleksander Üksip, Albert Aleksander A. A. Üksip Üksip Albert Aleksander Üksip Juksip, Albert Jakovlevič Juxip, Albert Jakovlevič Ueksip, Albert Aleksander Üxip, Albert Jakovlevič 1886 1966