]> [author note: Herbarium and types: MO (16,447), duplicates GH, NA, NY, PH, US, WELC (now at NY)] [collector note: California, Vermont & Virginia: NA; N. Carolina: GH, NA; Colorado (col. e.g. 1872): NA, NY, WELC; Maine: DPU, GH, NY, US, NEBC; Pennsylvania (col. 1867): WELC; United States (Cal., Conn. Me., N.C., N.J., Pa., S.C.) MO, NEBC (New England states), PH; collected lichens with J. W. Eckfeldt] Botany Redfield, John Howard Redfield, John Howard J. H. Redfield Redfield John H. Redfield Redfield, J. H. Mr. Redfield 1815 1895