]> [author note: Herbarium and types: mainly at BM, K, E; additional material at AWH, B, BR, C, CANB, CW, DBN (Ireland before 1801), E, F, FI, G, G-DC, K (2nd set), LE (important set), LINN, LIV, M, MEL, MO, NSW, NY, P (1,000), PH, S, SBT, W (orchids, orig.), WELT] [collector note: Voyage around Australia (1801-03); Australia, Tasmania, Torres Strts, Timor; with Flinders in the "Investigator"): B, BM, (1st set), BR, C, CW, E (3rd set), F, FI, G-DC, K (2nd set), LE(2055), LINN, LIV, M, MEL, MO, NSW, NY, P (±1000, Ph., Pter.; nearly complete), P-JU, S, SBT, W (Orch., orig.); Cape (1801): BM, E, L, P, W] Botany Brown, Robert Brown, Robert R. Br. R. Brown Robert Brown 1773 1858