]> [collector note: Original herbarium at NY. E United States (col. 1864-1886): A, B, BP, BUF, CI, CH, CN, CS, DS, E, F, FI, GH, GRA, ILL, LE, LY, MASS, MEL, MIN, MICH, MANCH, MO, NY, P, P-DU, PH, US, WELC (types now at GH; general collection at NY), WS. Alaska (col. 1897): F, GH, LUY, NY (75 musci), PH, US (orig.)., Colorado (1871): NY. Florida, Texas (1858-1882): DELS, E, F, GH, GRA, MIN, MO, NY, PH, US. Vancouver Island (British Columbia) (Journey of 1897, in Company with Profs. C. S. Sargent and John Muir)] Botany Canby, William Marriott Canby, William Marriott W. M. Canby Canby William Marriott Canby 1831 1904