]> [author note: Main herbarium for types: LINN; smaller collections of Linnaean plants at H, S, SBT, UPS. Other herbarium with specimens used by Linnaeus are: BM (Hermann, Sloane) and OXF (Dillenius). Linnaeus's Lapland collections are at Institut de France, Paris. BM's web site on Linnaean works: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/library/linn/linndo c.html] [collector note: Main type herbarium: LINN. Other herbaria: BM (Hortus Cliffortianus herb.), S, Institut de France (Paris, Lapland herb.). Collections, or "ex herb.": BM, C, H, L, LIV, LD (±250), OXF, P, S, SBT, UPS. See also Clifford, G and Ehrhart, F] Botany Linnaeus, Carl Linnaeus, Carl C. Linnaeus L. Linnaeus Carl Linnaeus Linné, Carl (Karl) von 1707 1778