]> [author note: Herbarium and type: A, HAST (orig.), MO; Asteraceae, Begoniaceae, Onagraceae (Ludwigia), Primulaceae (Lysimachia)] [collector note: Taiwan: A, HAST (orig.), MO; USA: B, BM, DAO, DUKE, F, FLAS, FSU, FTG, GA, GH, HAST (orig.), KYO, LE, MISS, MISSA, MO, NCSC, NCU, NY, P, PE, TAI, TAIF, TENN, TI, US, USF. Ludwigia, Begonia, Asteraceae] Example of Name Published: Ludwigia ravenii C.I Peng in Syst. Bot. 9(2): 129. (1984) Botany Peng, Ching I Peng, Ching I C.I Peng C. I Peng Ching I Peng Peng, Ching Yie 1950 2018