]> HBG has ca. 5790 numbers of Buchtien from Chile and Bolivia, incl. 3400 no. revceived after his death from his son (pers. comm. from H.H. Poppendieck (HBG) to S. Dressler (FR)). [author note: Herbarium and types: US (22,000); additional material at AMES, B (2,000), BAF, BM, BP, C, DBN, E, F, G, GB, GE, GH, GOET, H, HBG, JE, K, L, LD, LPB, LY, M, MANCH, MICH, MO, NSW, NY, O, OXF, P, PH, S, SGO, SI, SP, U, VT, W, WAG, WRSL, WU, Z] [collector note: US (orig., 22,000). Argentina (N Patagonia, 1895, 1905): BAF (700), BRSL, S, US, WAG. Bolivia (1906-1914): AMES, B (2,000), BAF (1,500), BM, BP, BRSL, C (800), E, F (2,231), G, GB (100), GE, GH, H (Musci), HBG, JE, K, L, LA, LAU, LCU, LD, M, MICH, MO, NSW, NY (2,249), O, P (pter.), S, SI, SP, U, US (9,672, orig.), VT, W (407), WAG, WU. Chile (1895-1897, 1903-1904): B, BRSL, C (100), E, F (50), GB (100), GH, HBG, JE, K, L, LY, M, MANCH, NSW, S, SGO, US, WAG (100). Germany (Mecklenburg, Pommerania, Harz; 1880): GOET, L, MANCH] Botany Buchtien, Otto Buchtien, Otto O. Buchtien Buchtien Otto Buchtien 1859 1946