]> [author note: Herbarium and types: G, LAU (major part); additional material at BR, C, CGE, DBN, E-GL, FI, G, GJO, H, HAL, LE, LIV, M, NEU, OXF, PH, PR, TUR] [collector note: Herbarium: G, LAU (major part: e.g. 4000 Ph. from Switzerland & 10000 Ph. from France and Italy); Europe: BM (Lich.), BO, BPI, BR (Bryo.; also 210 Rosac.), E (Ph. & Crypt. from Germany), E-GL, FI, G, GDOR, JE, KIEL, LE, LIV, MANCH, PR, ROST, S; Switzerland: B, BM, BR, C, CGE, DBN, DPU, E, E-GL, G, GJO, GOET, H, HAL, L, LD, MW, NA, NEU, NMW, OXF, PC, PH, RO, TUR, UPS, W, WRSL.] Botany Schleicher, Johann Christoph Schleicher, Johann Christoph J. C. Schleicher Schleich. Schleicher Johann Christoph Schleicher 1768 1834