]> [author note: Herbarium and types: B (partly extant), BAS, BM, BP, BR, C, CORD, DPU, E, F, FH, G, GOET, H, HBG (important set up to no. 7575), K, KBG (destroyed), L, LE, M, MG, MIN, NY, P, PH, PR, R, U, US (659), W, WRSL] [collector note: coll. in Brazil ca. 1899-1915; K, BM, BP, BR, CORD, DPU, G, GH, GOET, H, HBG, JE, L, LE, MANCH, MG, MIN, NY, P, PH, R, S, U, US, W, WRSL; see Collectors T-Z for bryophytes and fungi] Botany Ule, Ernst Heinrich Georg Ule, Ernst Heinrich Georg E. H. G. Ule Ule Ernst Heinrich Georg Ule 1854 1915