]> [collector note: Original collections: CAL; Australia (Queensland, ± 1871-84): M (e.g. Lich. from Logan R.), MEL, NA; Malay Pen. (col. 1884 mainly in Perak; col. 1885 in E. distr. of Kinta): A, B (plants from Perak), BM (r. 1884-86), BR, CAL, CUH, DBN, E, FI, G, HK, K, L, LE, MO, P (r. 1892: 140 plants col. with King), SING, U, UC, US; Mycolog. collections: PAD] Botany Scortechini, Benedetto (Rev.) Father Scortechini, Benedetto (Rev.) Father B. Scortechini Scortechini, Benedetto 1845 1886