]> [author note: Herbarium and types: BR; sold collections to many herbaria] [collector note: Original collections: BR, GENT. Central America: BR (6,000 phan.), GENT. Beligium: BR. Brazil (1835-1837): BM, BR, FI, G-DEL, G-DC, GENT (orig.), K, NY, LZ, P, W (mainly orch.). Colombia (1841-1844): B, BM (1,143), BR, CGE, E, F, (r. 1842-1845; 152), FI, G (r. 1845; 747; r. 1862: in G-DEL: 100, G-DC: 2,066), GH,K (r. 1854-1894, LZ, MEDEL (1,143), MO, OXF, P (701 phan. & pter.), US, W (phan.). Cuba (col. 1837-38, 1843-44): B (col. 1844, Char., hep.; 300 phan.), BR (phan. & 1680 pter.), CGE (phan. & pter.), E. FI, G (r. 1845; 516), GENT (orig.), GH, L (col. 1843-44, phan.), LIV (col. 1843, pter.), LZ, MO col. 1844), OXF (1), P (r. 1845; 469). Mexico (col. 1838-1840): BR, E, FI, G-DEL, GENT, K, L, LE, P, P-JU, W (mainly orch.). Venezuela (1841-1843): B, BR, CGE, E, F, FI, G, G-DEL, GENT, GH, LE, LG (orig.), LZ, NY?, OXF, P, PC, US, W (mainly orch.)] Botany Linden, Jean Jules Linden, Jean Jules J. J. Linden Linden J. Linden Jean Jules Linden 1817 1898