]> [author note: Herbarium and types unknown. Exsiccatae: Herbarium Normale at A, AAU, AUT, B (destroyed), BHU, BP, BR, C, CGE, Em FH, FI, FR, G, GB, GOET, HBG, HEID, JE, K, KIEL, L, LE, LIVU, M, MANCH, MPU, NY, OXF, P, PC, PR, S, W, WAG, WB, WRSL and Flora Galliae et Germaniae Exsiccata BERN, BM, G, HAL, LE, LZ (destroyed), M (lichens), MPU, NCY, OXF, P] [collector note: Europe: BORD (exs.), BR (90 Rosac.), BUC, CGE, CR, DS, FR, GB (450 Ph., col. 1856-79), GDOR (in herb. F. Baglietto), KSC, L (e.g. Charac. from France, col. 1839-41 near Bitche), MW, NY, SAM, VT; Germany: A, DAO, E, FI, KIEL (Ph. & Pter.), NMW] Botany Schultz, Friedrich Wilhelm Schultz, Friedrich Wilhelm F. W. Schultz Friedrich Wilhelm Schultz 1804 1876