]> [author note: Herbarium and types: JEPS; duplicates at B, BUF, H, MSC, MO, NY, PENN, UC, US, WELC (now at NY)] [collector note: Type collections: JEPS; Alaska, Aleutian Is.: UC, US; North America: K, UC; California: B, H, JEPS (1885-1945), MSC (r. 1906), MO, NY, PENN, UC, US, WELC (1914-21), W. United States: A, BUF, NY, UC. Collected with W. A. Setchell lichens in Alaska: FH] Botany Jepson, Willis Linn Jepson, Willis Linn W. L. Jepson Jeps. Jepson Jepson, W. L. Willis Linn Jepson 1867 1946