]> [collector note (Mexico): col. ± 1907-14: B, BH, BR, CM, E, F, G, ILL, L, M, NY, P, PC, US] 'Brother Adelme-Nicolas (Adrien Destruel, 1861-1926), born in Sainte-Colombein the department of the Lot, became a teaching brother in 1876 but he had to leave France for Mexico in 1906. During eightyears, he performed with other colleagues (e.g., [Brother Gerfroy-Arsène) a work of inventory of the Mexican flora.' (vide Filosofia e História da Biologia 13(2): 215. 2018). The "Index Herbariorum - Collectors N-R " lists the collector's name as "Nicolas, (Frère) Gustave" (likely a typographical error for Brother Adelme-Nicolas Botany Frère Adelme-Nicolas Frère Adelme-Nicolas Bro. Nicolas Brother Adelme-Nicolas Adrien Destruel (birth name) Nicolas, (Frère) Gustave (an error?) Frère Nicolas 1861 1926