]> [collector note: DPU, NA, OS, SDC, US.] Education: B.A. from Otterbein University and Harvard University; Ph.D. (1895; Harvard University (Thesis: Spermatogenesis of caloptenus femur-rubrun & cicada tibicen). Professional activities: "He was Montana territorial entomologist from 1896 to 1899 and while in the territory worked on cattle ranches. He worked for the Department of Agriculture from 1899 to 1919, the first nine years as agriculturalist in charge of the experimental station on the Hawaiian Islands. From 1919 to 1937 Mr. Wilcox was a staff writer of Country Gentleman. The magazine sent him to many parts of the world for articles on horticulture. Mr. Wilcox was the author of Farmer's Cyclopedia, 1904, and Modern Farmer's Cyclopedia of Agriculture, 1944, as well as half a dozen books on various aspects of farming. He wrote three books on Hawaii." (vide Washington Post, Thursday, December 22, 1955, page 26, column 5). Botany Wilcox, Early Vernon Wilcox, Early Vernon E. V. Wilcox 1869 1955