]> [collector note: Devoted collector of all natural history specimens, including insects, mammals, fresh water molluscs, birds and plants. A, B, BM, BP, BPI?, BR, BRU, CAL, CAS, CM, COL, DAO, DPU, E, F, G, GENT, GH, ISC, K, L, LCU, LE, LL, MA, MANCH, MEDEL, MICH, MO, MPU, MT, NA, NCU, NY (incl. orig. from Santa Marta), O, OKLA, P, PENN, PH, PNH (destroyed), R, S, SMU, TEX, U, UC, US, USF, VT, W, WIS, WVA] Botany Smith, Herbert Huntington Smith, Herbert Huntington Herbert H. Smith Smith, Herbert H. 1852 1919