]> [author note: Herbarium and types: B (Hieracium acquired in 1941 , destroyed 1943, drawings and specimens of Hieracium acquired in 1970 extant); general herbarium at G; sets of Hieraciotheca Europaea at B (mostly destroyed), F, G, GB, K, LAU, MANCH, MPU, W, WRSL, Z; handwriting sample in Willdenowia 29: 345. 1999] [collector note: Herbarium: B (r. 1941: main Hieracium herb., destroyed 1943; r. 1970: Hieracium), G (general herb.); Greece (also Hieraciotheca europaea?): E, F, GB; sets of Hieraciotheca Europaea: H, LE, MW] Botany Zahn, Karl Hermann Zahn, Karl Hermann K. H. Zahn Zahn Karl Hermann Zahn 1865 1940