]> [author note: Herbarium and types: pre 1884 and first set of 1884-1886 South American collections at herbarium at MICH, 6000 specimens at NY, as are first sets of later collections: additional material at A, AMES, B (mostly destroyed), BM, BKL, BOL, BUF, C, CM, CU, CGE, CORD, DPU, E, ECON, F, G, GH, K, LA, LE, M, MANCH, MICH, MIN, MO, MSC, NY, PH, S, TRIN, U, US, W, WELC (types now at GH, general collection at NY), WRSL, Z] [collector note: col. 1874-1921; Collections: A, ARIZ, BUF, CHRB, CM, CS, CU, GH, KSC, M, NY, OKLA, U, WS] Botany Rusby, Henry Hurd Rusby, Henry Hurd H. H. Rusby Rusby Henry Hurd Rusby Rusby, H. H. 1855 1940