]> Botany Example of Name Published: Crepidopteris draytonianum (Brackenr.) O. Degener & I. Degener, Fl. Hawaii. 6 (fam. 10). 1962. 1962. Degener, O. & I. 1959. Canton I., South Pacific, resurvey of 1958. in: Atoll Research Bulletin 64: 24pp. [collector note: Coll. widely distributed; A, BISH, FH, MASS(?), NY(?), US(?); GZU ("449 specimens of doubles of the collection from mainly Hawaii as well as Fiji ... resulted from an exchange between 1979 and 1987")] Degener, Otto & Degener, Isa Degener, Otto & Degener, Isa O. Deg. & I. Deg. O. Degener & I. Degener