]> S.Y.Hu Education: Ph.D. (1949; Radcliffe College, Harvard University; Thesis: The genus Ilex in China. (first Chinese woman to receive Ph.D. degree from Harvard University). According to Shiu Ying Hu's employment record at the Harvard University, her birth year is 1910. However, according Acta Phytotax. Sin. (vol. 43(5): 390-391. 2005), which celebrated S. Y. Hu's "97th birth day", she was born in 1908. [author note: A, CUHK: Flora of Hong Kong, Aquifoliaceae, food plants of China] [collector note: A, GH, NAS, PE; ca. 5,000 collections from W Sichuan, near Mouping (1939)] Botany Hu, Shiu Ying Hu, Shiu Ying S.Y.Hu S. Y. Hu Shiu Ying Hu Shiu-Ying Hsu Shiu-Ying Hu 1910 2012