]> [author note: Herbarium and types: A, BAG, BM, BOL, BP, BR, BUL, DPU, EPM, FHO, G, GRA, J, K, L, LIV, NH, PRE, S, SAM, SRGH, STE, US] [collector note: Son of William Moyle R.; col. 1909-1929. Herbarium: Great Britain: EPM. South Africa: BOL, BP (±1150), BR, BUL, DPU, G, GRA (200, incl. plants from Zaire and Rhodesia), L (phan.), NH, NY (col. 1919), P (r. ±1922, ±330), PRE (phan.), S, SAM, STE (300 phan. & pter.), Z. Great Britain: LIV, NMW. Iraq (col. 1928-1929): BAG, BM, K (±600). Mozambique: BM, K, US. Rhodesia (col. 1911-1912): B, BM, BOL, BUL, GRA, K, L (phan.), NH, S, SAM, US. Syria, Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland (col. 1930): BM, K (±260), NMW (Switzerland). Zaire (col. 1911-1920): BR (dupl.), GH, GRA, NH. Zambia (col. 1909-1910): B, BM, K, L (phan.), US. Collections: A, CAL, DD, W] Botany Rogers, Frederick Arundel Rogers, Frederick Arundel F. A. Rogers Archdeacon Frederick Arundel Rogers Rogers, F. A. 1876 1944