]> Example of Name Published: Saurauia anolaimensis R.E.Schultes & García-Barriga, Caldasia 6: 27, fig. 1943. Research: Medicinal plants; Colombian Rapateaceas; Colombian legumes; Colombian Bombacaceae. Eponymy: Pitcairnia barrigae L. B. Smith (1948); Navia garcia-barrigae L. B. Smith (1954); Pourouma garciana Cuatrecasas (1956); Epistephium hernandii Garay (1961). [author note: Herbarium and types: A, COL, GH, MEDEL, NY, US. Colombia and adjacent countries] [collector note: A, COL (orig.), GH, MEDEL, NY, US] Botany García-Barriga, Hernando García-Barriga, Hernando H. García-Barriga García-Barr. García-Barriga Hernando García Barriga Hernando García-Barriga 1913 2005