]> B.S. (190; Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL); honorary Doctorate of Science (1950; Blackburn College). Publications: 1936: Flora and Fauna of the Big Thicket Area (Joint author with V. L. Cory); Catalogue of the Flora of Texas (Joint author with V. L. Cory); 1937: Valuable Plants Native to Texas (Joint author with V. L. Cory). [author note: Herbarium and types: ASTC, TAES] [collector note: col. Texas 1930-1944: ASTC, DPU, GH, MO, NY, PH, TAES, TEX, U, WVA; Chief of Division of Apiculture, State Apicultural Research Laboratory, San Antonio, Texas] Botany Parks, Harris Braley Parks, Harris Braley Harris B. Parks H. B. Parks Harris Braley Parks 1879 1958