]> Example of Name Published: Carex cuprina (Sándor ex Heuff.) T. Nendtvich ex A. Kern., Verh. K.K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien 13: 566. 1863. Comment: Father of "Nendtv.". 'Theodor' was an error in Kanitz, Gesch. Bot. Ungarn: 112-113 (1863). [collector note: S. Hungary (Pecs, col. ± 1800-36): BP] Botany Nendtvich, Tamás Nendtvich, Tamás T. Nendtv. T. Nendtvich Tamás Nendtvich Nendtvich, Theodor Nendtvich, Thomas Nendvich, Tamas 1782 1858