]> [author note: Herbarium and types: B, M; duplicates at BAF, BM, C, CR, E, GE, L, LAU, MANCH, MICH, NY, OXF, PH, R, SI, STU, UC, US, W] [collector note: Published Exsiccatae of pteridophytes collected worldwide by many different collectors. E Africa: B, L, MANCH, OXF. South America: BAF, US. Ecuador: OXF. Europe: B, L, NH. Great Britain: LE, NH (50). E Java: C, MANCH, OXF. Japan, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Mexico: B. Madagascar: MANCH (phan.). Malay Archipelago: MANCH (phan.), MICH (± pter. and phan.), US. New Guinea: B, BM, OXF. West Indies: MANCH (phan. from Trinidad and Tobago). Pteridophytes: B, CR (holotypes and isotypes), E, GE, HBG, L, LAU, M, NY, PH, PR, SI, STU, UC, US, W] Botany Rosenstock, Eduard Rosenstock, Eduard E. Rosenstock Rosenst. Rosenstock Eduard Rosenstock 1856 1938