]> [author note: Rosaceae (esp. Crataegus), Flora North America] [collector note: B, UWO; S. Malawi, E. & N. Rhodesia: BM, BR, EA, K, PRE, SRGH; West Virginia: DAO (col. 1963)] "Holotypes of non-Ontario Crataegus species described by J.B.Phipps (and/or R.J.O'Kennon) have been transferred from UWO to TRT. The transfer did *not* include JBP's Mespilus (Crataegus section Mespilus!) material. UWO retains much of JBP's Ontario material." (vide Timothy Adam Dickinson (TRT)) Botany Phipps, James Bird Phipps, James Bird J.B.Phipps J. B. Phipps James Bird Phipps 1934