]> Example of Name Published: Cetraria andrejevii Oxner in J. Bot. Acad. Sci. RSS Ukraine 1(3-4): 44. 1940. Allium ursinum subsp. ucrainicum in Fl. URSR 1: 301. 1935. [author note: Floristics, Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Biogeography, Phytocoenology of Lichens; Biography & Photograph in: Bryologist: 103(4): 765-770. 2000] [collector note: Lichen herbarium: KW; USSR (mainly Ukraine, col. 1924, mainly Lich.): C, E, LD, NMW, UPS] Botany Oxner, Alfred Mykolaiovych Oxner, Alfred Mykolaiovych A. M. Oxner Oxner Alfred Mykolaiovych Oxner Oksner, Alfred Nikolaevich 1898 1973