]> "Baptised St. Mary Marylebone, 1810, prize-winning pupil at Haileybury, 1826-28 before going to Bombay; member of the Royal Asiatic Society and related bodies; left India 1854; elected Fellow of the Linnaean Society in 1856; resident at South Lodge, Enfield Chase from perhaps 1872 where he died in 1885; bequeathed fund and a gift of books to the then new Indian Institute at Oxford (University of Oxford Archives), amongst other bodies." (vide S.W. Massil). Example of Name Published: Tradescantia ruprestris J. S. Law ex J. Graham, Cat. Pl. Bombay 223. 1839, nom. subnud. [collector note: (mainly Bombay, 1842-54): E, G-DEL, K, MANCH, OXF, SING.] Botany Law, John Sutherland Law, John Sutherland J. S. Law 1810 1885