]> [author note: MICH; Flora of Michigan] [collector note: Manitoba (col. 1959): MICH, S, WAT; Michigan (col. 1945-x): BLH, BSC, CAN, GH, LE, LKHD, MICH, MSC, NY, SMU, TRT, UMBS, US, WAT, WIS; Minnesota & Wisconsin (col. 1961): LKHD, MICH, MIN, S, VDB, WIS. Ohio (col. 1953-81): MICH, SMU. Ontario (col. 1961-x): CAN, DAO, G, LKHD, MICH, S, TRT, UMBS, WIS; Quebec (col. 1959): MICH; N.W. United States (col. 1969): MICH, WTU; USSR (Karelia & Kola Pen., col. 1975): MICH. Flora of Michigan] Example of Name Published: Puccinellia fernaldii (Hitchc.) E. G. Voss, Rhodora 68: 445. 1966. Botany Voss, Edward Groesbeck Voss, Edward Groesbeck E. G. Voss Edward Groesbeck Voss 1929 2012