]> [collector note: Mexico (1932-1937): A (1436), AMES, AHFH, B, BM, CU, DES, DS, F, G, GH, K (orig.), LA, LAM, LD, LL, MA, MEX, MEXU, MICH, MO, NY, TEX, U, UC, US, W; grandson of George Boole, as in Boolean logic. Even though G. B. Hinton died in 1943, later collections (1950s-90s), made by his family members, often bear the name of G. B. Hinton alone] Botany Hinton, George Boole Hinton, George Boole G. B. Hinton Hinton, George Boole et alia Geo. B. Hinton 1882 1943