]> [author note: Herbarium and types: B (mostly destroyed); additional material at AUT, BERN, BM, BUC, C, CGE, CLF, DBN, E, F, FB, FH, G, GI, GOET, H, HAL, HBG, K, KBG, KR, L, LD, LE, LZ (destroyed), M, MANCH, NCY, NY, OXF, REG, PC, PH, S, SI, UPS, W, WRSL] [collector note: All original collections: B, LZ (some early coll.). B, BM, BERN, C, CGE, H, HBG, L, LE, M, PC, W; Germany (± 1851-69): B, kBM, BERN, BR, C, CGE, F, H, HBG, KIEL, L, LE, M, P, PC W; collected Nitella with De Bary in Berlin: FH] Botany Braun, Alexander Carl Heinrich Braun, Alexander Carl Heinrich A. C. H. Braun A. Braun Alexander Carl Heinrich Braun Braun, A. C. H. 1805 1877