]> [author note: Herbarium and types: ZT; additional material at A, BAS, BERN, BO, BR, C, LAU, M (lichens), PRE, Z] [collector note: South Africa (col. 1926-27): ZT; Java (col. 1898-1899 & 1927): BAS, BERN, BO (r. 1927), PAS (col. 1927), ZT; Switzerland: A, C (col. 1887-93; col. 1917 with J. Braun-Blanquet in Rhaetian Alps), G, LAU, NMW (col 1925); Rosaceae: BR, Collection (e.g. Bryo.): JE] Botany Schröter, Carl Joseph Schröter, Carl Joseph C. J. Schröter Schröt. Schröter Carl Joseph Schröter 1855 1939