]> [author note: Herbarium and types: ILL, WIS; additional material at BPI, CAS, CS, CUP, DAO, DUKE, FH, GH, IA, ILL, ILLS, K, L, M, MICH, MISSA, MO, NCU, PH, SD, WELC, WRSL Decades of North American Lichens] [collector note: Herbarium: ILL, WIS; North America: A?, B (Fungi, 1881-89), BH, CAS, CS, CUP, DUKE, E (Lich.), FFH, K, L (Fungi, 1880-89), MISSA (grasses), MO, NCU (Fungi), NY, PH, SD, W?, WELC, WRSL (Fungi); Illinois: B, BPI, GH, NA; Massachusettss; BPI, DAO (col. 1889), DPU, FH, M; Mississippi: GH, IA, MISSA; New Hampshire: FH, M; Virginia: GH; Washington: WELC] Botany Seymour, Arthur Bliss Seymour, Arthur Bliss A. B. Seymour Seym. Seymour Arthur Bliss Seymour Rev. Seymour, A. B. 1859 1933