]> [author note: Herbarium and types: G (10,000 collected by himself; 3,000 by Commerson; Labillardiere (types Icon. Pl. Syr. Rar., 1,000 specimens); Desfontaines, Michaux] [collector note: C. France (1739): G-DEL, P; France: Fontainebleau (1745): G-DEL] Example of Name Published: Dayena Le Monnier ex Miller, Fig. Pl. Gard. Dict. 1: t. 118. 1756 Botany Le Monnier, Louis Guillaume Le Monnier, Louis Guillaume L. G. Le Monnier Le Monn. Le Monnier Lemonnier Louis Guillaume Le Monnier Monier, Louis Guillaume Monnier, Louis Guillaume 1717 1799