]> [author note: Herbarium and types: FH; additional material at A, AAU, B (extant), BM, BP, BR, C, CERN, CU, DBN, DPU, E, GH, GOET, H (large collection), IB, IBF, JE, KIEL, L, LD, M, MANCH, MICH, MO, NMW, NY, PR, PRC, S, STU, W, WRSL, WU (Brazil)] [collector note: Original collections: B (extant; Musci & Alg.), FH (mainly Crypt. herb.: 50000 mosses & Hep.), IB (Tiroler Hepaticae, col. 1899-1913), PRC (Bryo., col. up to 1899). Sets of Hepat. Eur. Exsic. at: AAU, BM, BR, C, CERN, CU, E, FH, FR, G, GJO, H (compl.), IBF, KIEL, LD, M, MANCH, NY, PC, PL, S, STU, W, WRSL, WU. Collected 1885-1843. Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, France (Corsica), Germany, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia; Malesian Region: Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), Singapore; Brazilion region: Brazil. - updated from http://plants.jstor.org/person/bm000007486] Botany Schiffner, Victor Felix Schiffner, Victor Felix V. F. Schiffner Schiffn. Schiffner Victor Felix Schiffner Schiffner, V. F. 1862 1944