]> [author note: Herbarium and types: H-NYL (51,000 lichens); many types also at BM, PC, S; lichen exsiccatae at BM, C, E, FH, G, KIEL, MSTR, PC, S, WH,] [collector note: All original collections: H (Algae, Bryophytes and part of Fungi and Lichens); Europe: C, Duke; B, C, G, H, LD, LE, M, PC; G-DEL, PC; Labrador: FI-W; Spitzbergen: FI; Lapland: LY, P, PC; Russia: mainly Karelia: H, LE] Botany Nylander, (Wilhelm)William Nylander, (Wilhelm)William W. Nylander Nyl. Nylander (Wilhelm)William Nylander 1822 1899