]> [author note: Herbarium sold after his death, parts in MEL, S; additional material at BM, C, CGE, DBN, E, E-GL, GRA, K, KIEL (algae), L, LE, MANCH, PH, TCD (algae), W (algae), WAG] [collector note: Herbarium (worldwide; many collectors; col. himself only in Europe): MEL (the larger part, incl. Ericaceae from South Africa), S (r. 1875: the greater part of his Cape Herb. (excl. Ericaceae): ± 9000 plants); MPU (Germany)] Botany Sonder, Otto Wilhelm Sonder, Otto Wilhelm O. W. Sonder Sond. Sonder G(uilhem) Sonder Otto Wilhelm Sonder 1812 1881