]> [author note: Herbarium and types: A, AMD, BEI, CGE, E, F, G, GB, GH, GRO, K, L, LD, W] [collector note: Israel, Syria, Transjordan 1902-1939: A, AMD (1200), BEI, CGE, E, F, G (264), GB, GH, GRO, K, L, LD (1500), W; USA: GH; Original herbarium heavily damaged, Nov. 1953 at the Agr. Res. Service, Transjordan] "John E. Dinsmore collection" (books & plant specimens; portraits) exists at the American Colony Hotel, Jerusalem Botany Dinsmore, John Edward Dinsmore, John Edward J. E. Dinsmore Dinsm. Dinsmore John Edward Dinsmore 1862 1951