]> "Index Herbariorum - Collectors S" seems to have erred in listing Brazil for A. C. V. Schott's collections. For Brazil, the Index referred to his collections from "Yucatan" (Mexico) and "New Granada" (Colombia). [author note: Herbarium and types: F; Mexican Boundary Survey material at NY, US; duplicate material at BM (1,000, Yucatan), G, GH, ILL, L, MEDEL, MO, STU, W] [collector note: Original collections: F (except for Mexican boundary collections), US (Mexican boundary collections); Other collections: G, GH, ILL, L, LE, MEDEL, MO, NY, P?, STU, W] Botany Schott, Arthur Carl Victor Schott, Arthur Carl Victor A. C. V. Schott A. Schott Arthur Carl Victor Schott 1814 1875