]> [collector note: "Bougainvillea: named in honor of the noted mathematician, scientist, lawyer, soldier, author and Fellow of the Royal Society of London, Louis Antoine de Bougainville, who from 1767 to 1769 sailed around the world. Several South Pacific place names commemorate him, such as a reef in the Coral Sea, an island near Papua New Guinea that was important in WWII, a strait in the Solomon Islands, and a cape in western Australia. It was in the early stages of his trip around the world that he met with his supply ship in Rio de Janeiro, and learned that a botanist named Commerson on that ship had discovered a shrubby climbing plant which he named in honor of the captain." (vide http://www.calflora.net/botanicalnames/)] Botany Bougainville, Comte de Louis Antoine Bougainville, Comte de Louis Antoine Comte de L. A. Bougainville 1729 1811